Here I sit just doing some thinking

Ok, I admit it, maybe some stinking


My what a difference 25 years can make! 

But still thinking, should I grow or cut my hair?

My most treasured picture. On the way to a Cubs game and first plane trip.

 Grandpa (Cowboy) and Grandma (Hazel) Noard

My father once took me to a seminar entitled "Who you are - is Where you Were, When"

Got to think about it but very true in most of our lives. The person you look in the mirror at, and only you know who that person really is, was shaped by where you were raised, the people in your life at that time, and when in the course of history your childhood took place.

These two people shaped my life in major ways. May have been a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other but no complaints.